A Request for an Interview, Fiction for the Childfree

Imagine my surprise: Author Laura Carroll sent me an email requesting that I answer a few questions writing childfree fiction. To be sure, I was surprised and honored. Of course!

Her book Families of Two set Laura on the path to being one of the leading experts and voices on the childfree choice. A prolific author, she also wrote The Baby Matrix: Why Freeing Our Minds From Outmoded Thinking About Parenthood & Reproduction Will Create a Better World.

I wrote my book Human Slices when I was much younger and exploring my choice to be childfree — Was it really a choice, a pre-determined state of being, or something that just happened to me? I still don’t know the definitive answer to that. I do know, however, that it was the right choice for me.

When I first wrote my book, the idea of being “childfree by choice” wasn’t talked about much, if at all. It was almost taboo. It’s exciting to hear the discussions and ideas on that topic sparkle around the world through technology. Good for us and good for all.

Click here to access the interview on Laura’s site. Thanks, Laura!

9 comments on “A Request for an Interview, Fiction for the Childfree

  1. mpajor2385 says:

    Cool, Sis! Read the great interview! Life after retirement!! Congrats!

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  2. sshumpert@sbcglobal.net says:

    Great article! Congratulations!  I often forget that being child free is unpopular…so I guess that means that times are changing.

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  3. H&RCoach says:

    Great to see that the decision to stay child free for life is now more accepted and widely spoken about. I have read your interview and liked the way you spoke. Good words. I am myself child free by choice. This year I set up a group for women who are also Kids Free Women in Brisbane and it’s getting the word out now. Recently I have been on a Brisbane Radio station on this topic. So there is hope for a better world, where people are not judged by their decision to make or not to make more off springs. Have a great day and keep inspiring.

    • Gloria says:

      Thanks for you comment and kind words. I appreciate them so much. Congratulations on your group and getting the word out.

      I’ve pondered the “childfree” choice for so many years — in quotes because I still find the word not quite right. I’ve come to think it would be much more effective for the childfree to let go of being annoyed by and fighting the judgment problem (we all judge people at some point, right?) and just be kick-ass empowered by their decision. Would that be a better strategy to feed a perception change?

      Keep me posted on the Brisbane group. Would love to stay tuned!

      • H&RCoach says:

        Hi Gloria, I didn’t even quite know there was such a strong judgement (in the west) against women whose choice was not to have kids. I surely felt under pressure in my own closest environment. Only since creating the kids free group I started to come across many opinions and experiences that some women in the group expressed. It is my intention to help in the education and empowerment of kids free women.

        There is a lot deeper layer in all of us of who we are, than what can be defined by all these labels (mother, childless,childfree etc.). We need to come to understand who we all truly are as human beings, rather than splitting hair about differences between us.

        This childfree/childless ‘niche’ needs a lot of healing and exposure to make it acceptable and respected choice.

        Have a magical day.

  4. Gloria says:

    Agree! The more we tell our stories, the more we can embrace, understand, and love who we are…which is a very good thing!

  5. Excited to read this interview. I’m just starting to delve into blogging about being childfree and to be totally honest, it’s really scary to come out and talk about choosing to not have children. I’m inspired by your example, thanks!

    • Gloria says:

      I enjoyed taking a look at your blog–congratulations! And thank you for reaching out to me. You will find that you’ll discover a lot of support from your fellow childfree bloggers and readers. Let’s keep in touch. Wishing you the happiest of holidays!!

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