The Story of Film — Worth a Watch

story of film-USLast year, I spent a series of Saturday mornings running to the Music Box Theatre in Chicago to catch the 15-episode documentary, THE STORY OF FILM. 

Turner Classic Movies starts airing the series tonight (Monday, September 2), and if you’re a film fan, I highly recommend it. You’ll end up with some insights, film trivia for cocktail parties (like the first movie close-up featured a kitty!!!), and a long, long list of movies to watch. I especially enjoyed the first episodes and will always be thankful for Mark Cousins, the film historian who created the series, for introducing me to Asta Nielsen’s insane erotic dance from the 1910 silent movie, The Abyss.

If you are so inclined, I did a series of blog posts about THE STORY OF FILM documentary. Check them out at

And take a look at Asta’s fabulous dance.