Editorial Services

In addition to telling my own stories, I help individuals, small businesses, and associations craft and fine-tune their own narratives.


Sometimes a writer needs a little help to get through the rough patches. Although most people view writing as a solitary activity, the process certainly improves when we share and discuss our work. (Think of the give-and-take with Hemingway and Stein, for just one grand example.) For writers at an impasse or in need of an editorial partner, I can help with one-on-one coaching and manuscript consulting, from brainstorming ideas to line-by-line copyediting.

I have been a writing instructor, a magazine editor, and a communications director in the association management world. During my graduate school years at Chicago’s Columbia College, where I majored in creative writing, I embraced the influence and insights of the Story Workshop process. Tip: There is no such thing as writer’s block.

If you’re interested in exploring what I can help you with, contact me directly via the email form below. We can chat and see if there is a fit. Fees on services vary from project to project.


To quote Amy Cosper, editor of Enterpreneur magazine, “Your ability to identify and communicate your story is the soul and the essence — the very character — of your business. That story should be at the heart of, rather, it should be your marketing strategy…Your message must be sharp, and your value must be clear.”

I help entrepreneurs, small businesses, and associations create and craft those sharp, clear messages and stories. The scope of my services includes consulting on identity and branding to helping with last-minute writing projects, from brochures to annual reports and web content. Who doesn’t get in a pickle sometimes?

I also do copy review work, serving as that set of fresh eyes that can catch the mistakes easily overlooked by the people who have been working on a project day after day.

I am a former writing teacher, magazine editor, and publisher who also has more than 20 years of experience in communications and marketing for professional membership organizations. Fees vary from project to project.

For additional  information, contact me directly using the email form below.

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